Http::__construct()publicWP 1.0

Create a new exception

There is no mechanism to pass in the status code, as this is set by the subclass used. Reason phrases can vary, however.

Метод класса: Http{}

Хуков нет.


null. Ничего (null).


$Http = new Http();
$Http->__construct( $reason, $data );
Reason phrase
По умолчанию: null
Associated data
По умолчанию: null

Код Http::__construct() WP 6.3.1

public function __construct($reason = null, $data = null) {
	if ($reason !== null) {
		$this->reason = $reason;

	$message = sprintf('%d %s', $this->code, $this->reason);
	parent::__construct($message, 'httpresponse', $data, $this->code);