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ParagonIE_Sodium_Compat::use_fallback() protected WP 1.0

Should we use the libsodium core function instead? This is always a good idea, if it's available. (Unless we're in the middle of running our unit test suite.)

If ext/libsodium is available, use it. Return TRUE. Otherwise, we have to use the code provided herein. Return FALSE.

{} Это метод класса: ParagonIE_Sodium_Compat{}

Хуков нет.




$result = ParagonIE_Sodium_Compat::use_fallback( $sodium_func_name );
По умолчанию: ''

Код ParagonIE_Sodium_Compat::use_fallback() WP 5.8.3

protected static function use_fallback($sodium_func_name = '')
    static $res = null;
    if ($res === null) {
        $res = extension_loaded('libsodium') && PHP_VERSION_ID >= 50300;
    if ($res === false) {
        // No libsodium installed
        return false;
    if (self::$disableFallbackForUnitTests) {
        // Don't fallback. Use the PHP implementation.
        return false;
    if (!empty($sodium_func_name)) {
        return is_callable('\\Sodium\\' . $sodium_func_name);
    return true;