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Requests_Auth{} WP 1.0

Authentication provider interface

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Implement this interface to act as an authentication provider.

Parameters should be passed via the constructor where possible, as this makes it much easier for users to use your provider.

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null. Ничего.


$Requests_Auth = new Requests_Auth();
// use class methods


  1. register(Requests_Hooks $hooks)


  • Смотрите: Requests_Hooks
  • Пакет: Requests
  • Главный пакет: Authentication

Код Requests_Auth{} WP 5.8.2

interface Requests_Auth {
	 * Register hooks as needed
	 * This method is called in {@see Requests::request} when the user has set
	 * an instance as the 'auth' option. Use this callback to register all the
	 * hooks you'll need.
	 * @see Requests_Hooks::register
	 * @param Requests_Hooks $hooks Hook system
	public function register(Requests_Hooks $hooks);