Requests_Transport{}WP 1.0

Base HTTP transport

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$Requests_Transport = new Requests_Transport();
// use class methods


  1. public request($url, $headers = array(), $data = array(), $options = array())
  2. public request_multiple($requests, $options)
  3. public static test()


  • Пакет: Requests
  • Главный пакет: Transport

Код Requests_Transport{} WP 6.1.1

interface Requests_Transport {
	 * Perform a request
	 * @param string $url URL to request
	 * @param array $headers Associative array of request headers
	 * @param string|array $data Data to send either as the POST body, or as parameters in the URL for a GET/HEAD
	 * @param array $options Request options, see {@see Requests::response()} for documentation
	 * @return string Raw HTTP result
	public function request($url, $headers = array(), $data = array(), $options = array());

	 * Send multiple requests simultaneously
	 * @param array $requests Request data (array of 'url', 'headers', 'data', 'options') as per {@see Requests_Transport::request}
	 * @param array $options Global options, see {@see Requests::response()} for documentation
	 * @return array Array of Requests_Response objects (may contain Requests_Exception or string responses as well)
	public function request_multiple($requests, $options);

	 * Self-test whether the transport can be used
	 * @return bool
	public static function test();