WP_Customize_Manager::branching()publicWP 4.9.0

Whether the changeset branching is allowed.

Метод класса: WP_Customize_Manager{}

Хуки из метода


true|false. Is changeset branching.


$WP_Customize_Manager = new WP_Customize_Manager();


Список изменений

С версии 4.9.0 Введена.

Код WP_Customize_Manager::branching() WP 6.6

public function branching() {

	 * Filters whether or not changeset branching is allowed.
	 * By default in core, when changeset branching is not allowed, changesets will operate
	 * linearly in that only one saved changeset will exist at a time (with a 'draft' or
	 * 'future' status). This makes the Customizer operate in a way that is similar to going to
	 * "edit" to one existing post: all users will be making changes to the same post, and autosave
	 * revisions will be made for that post.
	 * By contrast, when changeset branching is allowed, then the model is like users going
	 * to "add new" for a page and each user makes changes independently of each other since
	 * they are all operating on their own separate pages, each getting their own separate
	 * initial auto-drafts and then once initially saved, autosave revisions on top of that
	 * user's specific post.
	 * Since linear changesets are deemed to be more suitable for the majority of WordPress users,
	 * they are the default. For WordPress sites that have heavy site management in the Customizer
	 * by multiple users then branching changesets should be enabled by means of this filter.
	 * @since 4.9.0
	 * @param bool                 $allow_branching Whether branching is allowed. If `false`, the default,
	 *                                              then only one saved changeset exists at a time.
	 * @param WP_Customize_Manager $wp_customize    Manager instance.
	$this->branching = apply_filters( 'customize_changeset_branching', $this->branching, $this );

	return $this->branching;