WP_HTML_Tag_Processor::has_self_closing_flag()publicWP 6.3.0

Indicates if the currently matched tag contains the self-closing flag.

No HTML elements ought to have the self-closing flag and for those, the self-closing flag will be ignored. For void elements this is benign because they "self close" automatically. For non-void HTML elements though problems will appear if someone intends to use a self-closing element in place of that element with an empty body. For HTML foreign elements and custom elements the self-closing flag determines if they self-close or not.

This function does not determine if a tag is self-closing, but only if the self-closing flag is present in the syntax.

Метод класса: WP_HTML_Tag_Processor{}

Хуков нет.


true|false. Whether the currently matched tag contains the self-closing flag.


$WP_HTML_Tag_Processor = new WP_HTML_Tag_Processor();

Список изменений

С версии 6.3.0 Введена.

Код WP_HTML_Tag_Processor::has_self_closing_flag() WP 6.3.1

public function has_self_closing_flag() {
	if ( ! $this->tag_name_starts_at ) {
		return false;

	return '/' === $this->html[ $this->tag_ends_at - 1 ];