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WP_REST_Search_Handler::search_items() WP 5.0.0

Searches the object type content for a given search request.

Это метод класса: WP_REST_Search_Handler

Хуков нет.


Массив. Associative array containing an WP_REST_Search_Handler::RESULT_IDS containing an array of found IDs and WP_REST_Search_Handler::RESULT_TOTAL containing the total count for the matching search results.


$WP_REST_Search_Handler = new WP_REST_Search_Handler();
$var = $WP_REST_Search_Handler->search_items( $request );
$request(WP_REST_Request) (обязательный)
Full REST request.

Код WP REST Search Handler::search items: wp-includes/rest-api/search/class-wp-rest-search-handler.php WP 5.2.1

abstract public function search_items( WP_REST_Request $request );