block_has_support()WP 5.8.0

Checks whether the current block type supports the feature requested.

Хуков нет.


true|false. Whether the feature is supported.


block_has_support( $block_type, $feature, $default_value );
$block_type(WP_Block_Type) (обязательный)
Block type to check for support.
$feature(массив) (обязательный)
Path to a specific feature to check support for.
Fallback value for feature support.
По умолчанию: false

Список изменений

С версии 5.8.0 Введена.

Код block_has_support() WP 6.2.2

function block_has_support( $block_type, $feature, $default_value = false ) {
	$block_support = $default_value;
	if ( $block_type && property_exists( $block_type, 'supports' ) ) {
		$block_support = _wp_array_get( $block_type->supports, $feature, $default_value );

	return true === $block_support || is_array( $block_support );