getid3_id3v2::FrameNameLongLookup()public staticWP 1.0

{} Это метод класса: getid3_id3v2{}

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$result = getid3_id3v2::FrameNameLongLookup( $framename );
$framename(строка) (обязательный)

Код getid3_id3v2::FrameNameLongLookup() WP 6.0.2

public static function FrameNameLongLookup($framename) {

	$begin = __LINE__;

	/** This is not a comment!

		AENC	Audio encryption
		APIC	Attached picture
		ASPI	Audio seek point index
		BUF	Recommended buffer size
		CNT	Play counter
		COM	Comments
		COMM	Comments
		COMR	Commercial frame
		CRA	Audio encryption
		CRM	Encrypted meta frame
		ENCR	Encryption method registration
		EQU	Equalisation
		EQU2	Equalisation (2)
		EQUA	Equalisation
		ETC	Event timing codes
		ETCO	Event timing codes
		GEO	General encapsulated object
		GEOB	General encapsulated object
		GRID	Group identification registration
		IPL	Involved people list
		IPLS	Involved people list
		LINK	Linked information
		LNK	Linked information
		MCDI	Music CD identifier
		MCI	Music CD Identifier
		MLL	MPEG location lookup table
		MLLT	MPEG location lookup table
		OWNE	Ownership frame
		PCNT	Play counter
		PIC	Attached picture
		POP	Popularimeter
		POPM	Popularimeter
		POSS	Position synchronisation frame
		PRIV	Private frame
		RBUF	Recommended buffer size
		REV	Reverb
		RVA	Relative volume adjustment
		RVA2	Relative volume adjustment (2)
		RVAD	Relative volume adjustment
		RVRB	Reverb
		SEEK	Seek frame
		SIGN	Signature frame
		SLT	Synchronised lyric/text
		STC	Synced tempo codes
		SYLT	Synchronised lyric/text
		SYTC	Synchronised tempo codes
		TAL	Album/Movie/Show title
		TALB	Album/Movie/Show title
		TBP	BPM (Beats Per Minute)
		TBPM	BPM (beats per minute)
		TCM	Composer
		TCMP	Part of a compilation
		TCO	Content type
		TCOM	Composer
		TCON	Content type
		TCOP	Copyright message
		TCP	Part of a compilation
		TCR	Copyright message
		TDA	Date
		TDAT	Date
		TDEN	Encoding time
		TDLY	Playlist delay
		TDOR	Original release time
		TDRC	Recording time
		TDRL	Release time
		TDTG	Tagging time
		TDY	Playlist delay
		TEN	Encoded by
		TENC	Encoded by
		TEXT	Lyricist/Text writer
		TFLT	File type
		TFT	File type
		TIM	Time
		TIME	Time
		TIPL	Involved people list
		TIT1	Content group description
		TIT2	Title/songname/content description
		TIT3	Subtitle/Description refinement
		TKE	Initial key
		TKEY	Initial key
		TLA	Language(s)
		TLAN	Language(s)
		TLE	Length
		TLEN	Length
		TMCL	Musician credits list
		TMED	Media type
		TMOO	Mood
		TMT	Media type
		TOA	Original artist(s)/performer(s)
		TOAL	Original album/movie/show title
		TOF	Original filename
		TOFN	Original filename
		TOL	Original Lyricist(s)/text writer(s)
		TOLY	Original lyricist(s)/text writer(s)
		TOPE	Original artist(s)/performer(s)
		TOR	Original release year
		TORY	Original release year
		TOT	Original album/Movie/Show title
		TOWN	File owner/licensee
		TP1	Lead artist(s)/Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)/Performing group
		TP2	Band/Orchestra/Accompaniment
		TP3	Conductor/Performer refinement
		TP4	Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by
		TPA	Part of a set
		TPB	Publisher
		TPE1	Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)
		TPE2	Band/orchestra/accompaniment
		TPE3	Conductor/performer refinement
		TPE4	Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by
		TPOS	Part of a set
		TPRO	Produced notice
		TPUB	Publisher
		TRC	ISRC (International Standard Recording Code)
		TRCK	Track number/Position in set
		TRD	Recording dates
		TRDA	Recording dates
		TRK	Track number/Position in set
		TRSN	Internet radio station name
		TRSO	Internet radio station owner
		TS2	Album-Artist sort order
		TSA	Album sort order
		TSC	Composer sort order
		TSI	Size
		TSIZ	Size
		TSO2	Album-Artist sort order
		TSOA	Album sort order
		TSOC	Composer sort order
		TSOP	Performer sort order
		TSOT	Title sort order
		TSP	Performer sort order
		TSRC	ISRC (international standard recording code)
		TSS	Software/hardware and settings used for encoding
		TSSE	Software/Hardware and settings used for encoding
		TSST	Set subtitle
		TST	Title sort order
		TT1	Content group description
		TT2	Title/Songname/Content description
		TT3	Subtitle/Description refinement
		TXT	Lyricist/text writer
		TXX	User defined text information frame
		TXXX	User defined text information frame
		TYE	Year
		TYER	Year
		UFI	Unique file identifier
		UFID	Unique file identifier
		ULT	Unsynchronised lyric/text transcription
		USER	Terms of use
		USLT	Unsynchronised lyric/text transcription
		WAF	Official audio file webpage
		WAR	Official artist/performer webpage
		WAS	Official audio source webpage
		WCM	Commercial information
		WCOM	Commercial information
		WCOP	Copyright/Legal information
		WCP	Copyright/Legal information
		WOAF	Official audio file webpage
		WOAR	Official artist/performer webpage
		WOAS	Official audio source webpage
		WORS	Official Internet radio station homepage
		WPAY	Payment
		WPB	Publishers official webpage
		WPUB	Publishers official webpage
		WXX	User defined URL link frame
		WXXX	User defined URL link frame
		TFEA	Featured Artist
		TSTU	Recording Studio
		rgad	Replay Gain Adjustment


	return getid3_lib::EmbeddedLookup($framename, $begin, __LINE__, __FILE__, 'id3v2-framename_long');

	// Last three:
	// from Helium2 []
	// from