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deactivate_(plugin) хук-событие . WP 2.0.0

Fires as a specific plugin is being deactivated.

This hook is the "deactivation" hook used internally by register_deactivation_hook(). The dynamic portion of the hook name, $plugin, refers to the plugin basename.

If a plugin is silently deactivated (such as during an update), this hook does not fire.


add_action( 'deactivate_(plugin)', 'action_function_name_7949' );
function action_function_name_7949( $network_deactivating ){
	// action...
Whether the plugin is deactivated for all sites in the network or just the current site. Multisite only.
По умолчанию: false

Список изменений

С версии 2.0.0 Введена.

Где вызывается хук

wp-admin/includes/plugin.php 823
do_action( "deactivate_{$plugin}", $network_deactivating );

Где используется хук в ядре WordPress

Использование не найдено.