pre_get_block_template хук-фильтрWP 1.0

Filters the block template object before the query takes place.

Return a non-null value to bypass the WordPress queries.

@since 5.9.0

@param WP_Block_Template|null $block_template Return block template object to short-circuit the default query, or null to allow WP to run its normal queries. @param string $id Template unique identifier (example: theme_slug//template_slug). @param string $template_type Template type: 'wp_template' or 'wp_template_part'.


add_filter( 'pre_get_block_template', 'wp_kama_pre_get_block_template_filter', 10, 3 );

 * Function for `pre_get_block_template` filter-hook.
 * @param  $null          
 * @param  $id            
 * @param  $template_type 
 * @return 
function wp_kama_pre_get_block_template_filter( $null, $id, $template_type ){

	// filter...
	return $null;

Где вызывается хук

wp-includes/block-template-utils.php 763
$block_template = apply_filters( 'pre_get_block_template', null, $id, $template_type );

Где используется хук в WordPress

Использование не найдено.