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acf_field_gallery::render_field() public ACF 3.6

Create the HTML interface for your field

{} Это метод класса: acf_field_gallery{}

Хуков нет.


Null. Ничего.


$acf_field_gallery = new acf_field_gallery();
$acf_field_gallery->render_field( $field );
$field (обязательный)

Список изменений

С версии 3.6 Введена.

Код acf_field_gallery::render_field() ACF 5.9.1

function render_field( $field ) {
	// Enqueue uploader assets.
	// Control attributes.
	$attrs = array(
		'id'				=> $field['id'],
		'class'				=> "acf-gallery {$field['class']}",
		'data-library'		=> $field['library'],
		'data-preview_size'	=> $field['preview_size'],
		'data-min'			=> $field['min'],
		'data-max'			=> $field['max'],
		'data-mime_types'	=> $field['mime_types'],
		'data-insert'		=> $field['insert'],
		'data-columns'		=> 4
	// Set gallery height with deafult of 400px and minimum of 200px.
	$height = acf_get_user_setting('gallery_height', 400);
	$height = max( $height, 200 );
	$attrs['style'] = "height:{$height}px";
	// Load attachments.
	$attachments = array();
	if( $field['value'] ) {
		// Clean value into an array of IDs.
		$attachment_ids = array_map('intval', acf_array($field['value']));
		// Find posts in database (ensures all results are real).
		$posts = acf_get_posts(array(
			'post_type'					=> 'attachment',
			'post__in'					=> $attachment_ids,
			'update_post_meta_cache' 	=> true,
			'update_post_term_cache' 	=> false
		// Load attatchment data for each post.
		$attachments = array_map('acf_get_attachment', $posts);
<div <?php acf_esc_attr_e($attrs); ?>>
<input type="hidden" name="<?php echo esc_attr($field['name']); ?>" value="" />
<div class="acf-gallery-main">
	<div class="acf-gallery-attachments">
		<?php if( $attachments ): ?>
			<?php foreach( $attachments as $i => $attachment ): 
				// Vars
				$a_id = $attachment['ID'];
				$a_title = $attachment['title'];
				$a_type = $attachment['type'];
				$a_filename = $attachment['filename'];
				$a_class = "acf-gallery-attachment -{$a_type}";
				// Get thumbnail.
				$a_thumbnail = acf_get_post_thumbnail($a_id, $field['preview_size']);
				$a_class .= ($a_thumbnail['type'] === 'icon') ? ' -icon' : '';
				<div class="<?php echo esc_attr($a_class); ?>" data-id="<?php echo esc_attr($a_id); ?>">
					<input type="hidden" name="<?php echo esc_attr($field['name']); ?>[]" value="<?php echo esc_attr($a_id); ?>" />
					<div class="margin">
						<div class="thumbnail">
							<img src="<?php echo esc_url($a_thumbnail['url']); ?>" alt="" />
						<?php if( $a_type !== 'image' ): ?>
							<div class="filename"><?php echo acf_get_truncated( $a_filename, 30 ); ?></div>	
						<?php endif; ?>
					<div class="actions">
						<a class="acf-icon -cancel dark acf-gallery-remove" href="#" data-id="<?php echo esc_attr($a_id); ?>" title="<?php _e('Remove', 'acf'); ?>"></a>
			<?php endforeach; ?>
		<?php endif; ?>
	<div class="acf-gallery-toolbar">
		<ul class="acf-hl">
				<a href="#" class="acf-button button button-primary acf-gallery-add"><?php _e('Add to gallery', 'acf'); ?></a>
			<li class="acf-fr">
				<select class="acf-gallery-sort">
					<option value=""><?php _e('Bulk actions', 'acf'); ?></option>
					<option value="date"><?php _e('Sort by date uploaded', 'acf'); ?></option>
					<option value="modified"><?php _e('Sort by date modified', 'acf'); ?></option>
					<option value="title"><?php _e('Sort by title', 'acf'); ?></option>
					<option value="reverse"><?php _e('Reverse current order', 'acf'); ?></option>
<div class="acf-gallery-side">
	<div class="acf-gallery-side-inner">
		<div class="acf-gallery-side-data"></div>
		<div class="acf-gallery-toolbar">
			<ul class="acf-hl">
					<a href="#" class="acf-button button acf-gallery-close"><?php _e('Close', 'acf'); ?></a>
				<li class="acf-fr">
					<a class="acf-button button button-primary acf-gallery-update" href="#"><?php _e('Update', 'acf'); ?></a>