acf_get_home_url()ACF 6.0.1

An ACF specific getter to replace home_url our licence checks to ensure we can avoid third party filters.

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Строку. $home_url The output from home_url, sans known third party filters which cause licence activation issues.



Список изменений

С версии 6.0.1 Введена.

Код acf_get_home_url() ACF 6.0.4

function acf_get_home_url() {
	// Disable WPML's home url overrides for our license check.
	add_filter( 'wpml_get_home_url', 'acf_licence_wpml_intercept', 99, 2 );

	$home_url = home_url();

	// Re-enable WPML's home url overrides.
	remove_filter( 'wpml_get_home_url', 'acf_licence_wpml_intercept', 99 );

	return $home_url;