ActionScheduler_ActionFactory::recurring()publicWC 1.0

Create the first instance of an action recurring on a given interval.

Метод класса: ActionScheduler_ActionFactory{}

Хуков нет.


int. The ID of the stored action.


$ActionScheduler_ActionFactory = new ActionScheduler_ActionFactory();
$ActionScheduler_ActionFactory->recurring( $hook, $args, $first, $interval, $group );
$hook(строка) (обязательный)
The hook to trigger when this action runs.
Args to pass when the hook is triggered.
По умолчанию: array()
Unix timestamp for the first run.
По умолчанию: null
Seconds between runs.
По умолчанию: null
A group to put the action in.
По умолчанию: ''

Код ActionScheduler_ActionFactory::recurring() WC 8.9.3

public function recurring( $hook, $args = array(), $first = null, $interval = null, $group = '' ) {
	return $this->recurring_unique( $hook, $args, $first, $interval, $group, false );