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ActionScheduler_DataController::mark_migration_incomplete() public WC 1.0

Unmark migration when a plugin is de-activated. Will not work in case of silent activation, for example in an update. We do this to mitigate the bug of lost actions which happens if there was an AS 2.x to AS 3.x migration in the past, but that plugin is now deactivated and the site was running on AS 2.x again.

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{} Это метод класса: ActionScheduler_DataController{}

Хуков нет.


null. Ничего.


$result = ActionScheduler_DataController::mark_migration_incomplete();

Код ActionScheduler_DataController::mark_migration_incomplete() WC 5.8.0

public static function mark_migration_incomplete() {
	delete_option( self::STATUS_FLAG );