ActionScheduler_QueueRunner::clear_caches()protectedWC 1.0

Running large batches can eat up memory, as WP adds data to its object cache.

If using a persistent object store, this has the side effect of flushing that as well, so this is disabled by default. To enable:

add_filter( action_scheduler_queue_runner_flush_cache, '__return_true' );

{} Это метод класса: ActionScheduler_QueueRunner{}

Хуки из метода


null. Ничего.


// protected - в коде основоного (родительского) или дочернего класса
$result = $this->clear_caches();

Код ActionScheduler_QueueRunner::clear_caches() WC 6.9.4

protected function clear_caches() {
	if ( ! wp_using_ext_object_cache() || apply_filters( 'action_scheduler_queue_runner_flush_cache', false ) ) {