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ActionScheduler_QueueRunner::run() public WC 1.0

Process actions in the queue. Attached to self::WP_CRON_HOOK i.e. action_scheduler_run_queue

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The $context param of this method defaults to 'WP Cron', because prior to Action Scheduler 3.0.0 that was the only context in which this method was run, and the self::WP_CRON_HOOK hook had no context passed along with it. New code calling this method directly, or by triggering the self::WP_CRON_HOOK, should set a context as the first parameter. For an example of this, refer to the code seen in

{} Это метод класса: ActionScheduler_QueueRunner{}


int. The number of actions processed.


$ActionScheduler_QueueRunner = new ActionScheduler_QueueRunner();
$ActionScheduler_QueueRunner->run( $context );
Optional identifer for the context in which this action is being processed, e.g. 'WP CLI' or 'WP Cron' Generally, this should be capitalised and not localised as it's a proper noun.
По умолчанию: 'WP Cron'


Код ActionScheduler_QueueRunner::run() WC 5.8.0

public function run( $context = 'WP Cron' ) {
	ActionScheduler_Compatibility::raise_time_limit( $this->get_time_limit() );
	do_action( 'action_scheduler_before_process_queue' );
	$processed_actions = 0;
	if ( false === $this->has_maximum_concurrent_batches() ) {
		$batch_size = apply_filters( 'action_scheduler_queue_runner_batch_size', 25 );
		do {
			$processed_actions_in_batch = $this->do_batch( $batch_size, $context );
			$processed_actions         += $processed_actions_in_batch;
		} while ( $processed_actions_in_batch > 0 && ! $this->batch_limits_exceeded( $processed_actions ) ); // keep going until we run out of actions, time, or memory

	do_action( 'action_scheduler_after_process_queue' );
	return $processed_actions;