ActionsProxy{}WC 1.0

Proxy for interacting with WordPress actions and filters.

This class should be used instead of directly accessing the WordPress functions, to ease unit testing.

Хуки из класса


$ActionsProxy = new ActionsProxy();
// use class methods


  1. public apply_filters( $tag, $value, ...$parameters )
  2. public did_action( $tag )

Код ActionsProxy{} WC 8.9.3

class ActionsProxy {

	 * Retrieve the number of times an action is fired.
	 * @param string $tag The name of the action hook.
	 * @return int The number of times action hook $tag is fired.
	public function did_action( $tag ) {
		return did_action( $tag );

	 * Calls the callback functions that have been added to a filter hook.
	 * @param string $tag     The name of the filter hook.
	 * @param mixed  $value   The value to filter.
	 * @param mixed  ...$parameters Additional parameters to pass to the callback functions.
	 * @return mixed The filtered value after all hooked functions are applied to it.
	public function apply_filters( $tag, $value, ...$parameters ) {
		return apply_filters( $tag, $value, ...$parameters );

	// TODO: Add the rest of the actions and filters related methods.