CronExpression_FieldInterface{}WC 1.0

CRON field interface

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$CronExpression_FieldInterface = new CronExpression_FieldInterface();
// use class methods


  1. public increment(DateTime $date, $invert = false)
  2. public isSatisfiedBy(DateTime $date, $value)
  3. public validate($value)

Код CronExpression_FieldInterface{} WC 8.9.0

interface CronExpression_FieldInterface
     * Check if the respective value of a DateTime field satisfies a CRON exp
     * @param DateTime $date  DateTime object to check
     * @param string   $value CRON expression to test against
     * @return bool Returns TRUE if satisfied, FALSE otherwise
    public function isSatisfiedBy(DateTime $date, $value);

     * When a CRON expression is not satisfied, this method is used to increment
     * or decrement a DateTime object by the unit of the cron field
     * @param DateTime $date   DateTime object to change
     * @param bool     $invert (optional) Set to TRUE to decrement
     * @return CronExpression_FieldInterface
    public function increment(DateTime $date, $invert = false);

     * Validates a CRON expression for a given field
     * @param string $value CRON expression value to validate
     * @return bool Returns TRUE if valid, FALSE otherwise
    public function validate($value);