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CssInliner::getMatchingUninlinableSelectors() public WC 1.0

Gets the array of selectors present in the CSS provided to inlineCss() for which the declarations could not be applied as inline styles, but which may affect elements in the HTML. The relevant CSS will have been placed in a <style> element. The selectors may include those used within @media rules or those involving dynamic pseudo-classes (such as :hover) or pseudo-elements (such as ::after).

Это метод класса: CssInliner{}

Хуков нет.




$CssInliner = new CssInliner();

Код CssInliner::getMatchingUninlinableSelectors() WC 4.5.2

public function getMatchingUninlinableSelectors()
    if ($this->matchingUninlinableCssRules === null) {
        throw new \BadMethodCallException('inlineCss must be called first', 1568385221);

    return \array_column($this->matchingUninlinableCssRules, 'selector');