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Plugins_Handler::should_autoloader_reset() public WC 1.0

Checks whether the autoloader should be reset. The autoloader should be reset when a plugin is activating via a method other than a request, for example using WP-CLI. When this occurs, the activating plugin was not known when the autoloader selected the package versions for the classmap and filemap globals, so the autoloader must reselect the versions.

If the current plugin is not already known, this method will add it to the $jetpack_autoloader_activating_plugins_paths global.

{} Это метод класса: Plugins_Handler{}

Хуков нет.


true/false. True if the autoloder must be reset, else false.


$Plugins_Handler = new Plugins_Handler();

Код Plugins_Handler::should_autoloader_reset() WC 4.6.1

public function should_autoloader_reset() {
	global $jetpack_autoloader_activating_plugins_paths;

	$plugins_paths       = $this->get_all_active_plugins_paths();
	$current_plugin_path = $this->get_current_plugin_path();
	$plugin_unknown      = ! in_array( $current_plugin_path, $plugins_paths, true );

	if ( $plugin_unknown ) {
		// If the current plugin isn't known, add it to the activating plugins list.
		$jetpack_autoloader_activating_plugins_paths[] = $current_plugin_path;

	return $plugin_unknown;