WC_Product::get_dimensions()publicWC 1.0

Returns formatted dimensions.

Метод класса: WC_Product{}

Хуки из метода




$WC_Product = new WC_Product();
$WC_Product->get_dimensions( $formatted );
True by default for legacy support - will be false/not set in future versions to return the array only. Use wc_format_dimensions for formatted versions instead.
По умолчанию: true

Код WC_Product::get_dimensions() WC 8.3.1

public function get_dimensions( $formatted = true ) {
	if ( $formatted ) {
		wc_deprecated_argument( 'WC_Product::get_dimensions', '3.0', 'By default, get_dimensions has an argument set to true so that HTML is returned. This is to support the legacy version of the method. To get HTML dimensions, instead use wc_format_dimensions() function. Pass false to this method to return an array of dimensions. This will be the new default behavior in future versions.' );
		return apply_filters( 'woocommerce_product_dimensions', wc_format_dimensions( $this->get_dimensions( false ) ), $this );
	return array(
		'length' => $this->get_length(),
		'width'  => $this->get_width(),
		'height' => $this->get_height(),