InstalledVersions::reload()public staticWPSCache 1.0

Lets you reload the static array from another file

This is only useful for complex integrations in which a project needs to use this class but then also needs to execute another project's autoloader in process, and wants to ensure both projects have access to their version of installed.php.

A typical case would be PHPUnit, where it would need to make sure it reads all the data it needs from this class, then call reload() with require $CWD/vendor/composer/installed.php (or similar) as input to make sure the project in which it runs can then also use this class safely, without interference between PHPUnit's dependencies and the project's dependencies.

Метод класса: InstalledVersions{}

Хуков нет.


null. Ничего.


$result = InstalledVersions::reload( $data );
$data(array[]) (обязательный)
A vendor/composer/installed.php data set

Код InstalledVersions::reload() WPSCache 1.9.2

public static function reload($data)
    self::$installed = $data;
    self::$installedByVendor = array();