Aioseo_Posts_Importing_Action::enhance_mapping()publicYoast 1.0

Enhances the mapping of the setting we're working with, with type and the option name, so that we can retrieve the settings for the object we're working with.

Метод класса: Aioseo_Posts_Importing_Action{}

Хуков нет.


Массив. The enhanced mapping.


$Aioseo_Posts_Importing_Action = new Aioseo_Posts_Importing_Action();
$Aioseo_Posts_Importing_Action->enhance_mapping( $mapping );
The mapping of the setting we're working with.
По умолчанию: []

Код Aioseo_Posts_Importing_Action::enhance_mapping() Yoast 22.4

public function enhance_mapping( $mapping = [] ) {
	$mapping['type']        = 'postTypes';
	$mapping['option_name'] = 'aioseo_options_dynamic';

	return $mapping;