Article_Author_Presenter::get()publicYoast 1.0

Run the article author's Facebook URL through the wpseo_opengraph_author_facebook

Метод класса: Article_Author_Presenter{}

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Строку. The filtered article author's Facebook URL.


$Article_Author_Presenter = new Article_Author_Presenter();

Код Article_Author_Presenter::get() Yoast 23.0

public function get() {
	 * Filter: 'wpseo_opengraph_author_facebook' - Allow developers to filter the article author's Facebook URL.
	 * @param bool|string            $article_author The article author's Facebook URL, return false to disable.
	 * @param Indexable_Presentation $presentation   The presentation of an indexable.
	return \trim( \apply_filters( 'wpseo_opengraph_author_facebook', $this->presentation->open_graph_article_author, $this->presentation ) );