Indexable_Author_Builder::check_if_user_should_be_indexed()protectedYoast 1.0

Checks if the user should be indexed. Returns an exception with an appropriate message if not.

Метод класса: Indexable_Author_Builder{}

Хуки из метода


Author_Not_Built_Exception|null. The exception if it should not be indexed, or null if it should.


// protected - в коде основоного (родительского) или дочернего класса
$result = $this->check_if_user_should_be_indexed( $user_id );
$user_id(строка) (обязательный)
The user id.

Код Indexable_Author_Builder::check_if_user_should_be_indexed() Yoast 20.0

protected function check_if_user_should_be_indexed( $user_id ) {
	$exception = null;

	if ( $this->author_archive->are_disabled() ) {
		$exception = Author_Not_Built_Exception::author_archives_are_disabled( $user_id );

	// We will check if the author has public posts the WP way, instead of the indexable way, to make sure we get proper results even if SEO optimization is not run.
	if ( $this->author_archive->author_has_public_posts_wp( $user_id ) === false ) {
		$exception = Author_Not_Built_Exception::author_archives_are_not_indexed_for_users_without_posts( $user_id );

	 * Filter: Include or exclude a user from being build and saved as an indexable.
	 * Return an `Author_Not_Built_Exception` when the indexable should not be build, with an appropriate message telling why it should not be built.
	 * Return `null` if the indexable should be build.
	 * @param Author_Not_Built_Exception|null $exception An exception if the indexable is not being built, `null` if the indexable should be built.
	 * @param string                          $user_id   The ID of the user that should or should not be excluded.
	return \apply_filters( 'wpseo_should_build_and_save_user_indexable', $exception, $user_id );