Indexing_Helper::get_limited_filtered_unindexed_count()publicYoast 1.0

Returns the total number of unindexed objects and applies a filter for third party integrations.

Метод класса: Indexing_Helper{}

Хуки из метода


int. The total number of unindexed objects.


$Indexing_Helper = new Indexing_Helper();
$Indexing_Helper->get_limited_filtered_unindexed_count( $limit );
$limit(int) (обязательный)
Limit the number of unindexed objects that are counted.

Код Indexing_Helper::get_limited_filtered_unindexed_count() Yoast 22.4

public function get_limited_filtered_unindexed_count( $limit ) {
	$unindexed_count = $this->get_limited_unindexed_count( $limit, $this->indexing_actions );

	if ( $unindexed_count > $limit ) {
		return $unindexed_count;

	 * Filter: 'wpseo_indexing_get_limited_unindexed_count' - Allow changing the amount of unindexed objects,
	 * and allow for a maximum number of items counted to improve performance.
	 * @param int       $unindexed_count The amount of unindexed objects.
	 * @param int|false $limit           Limit the number of unindexed objects that need to be counted.
	 *                                   False if it doesn't need to be limited.
	return \apply_filters( 'wpseo_indexing_get_limited_unindexed_count', $unindexed_count, $limit );