Migration_Error_Presenter::present()publicYoast 1.0

Presents the migration error that occurred.

Метод класса: Migration_Error_Presenter{}

Хуков нет.


Строку. The error HTML.


$Migration_Error_Presenter = new Migration_Error_Presenter();

Код Migration_Error_Presenter::present() Yoast 22.7

public function present() {
	$message = \sprintf(
		/* translators: %s: Yoast SEO. */
		\esc_html__( '%s had problems creating the database tables needed to speed up your site.', 'wordpress-seo' ),
		'Yoast SEO'
	$support = \sprintf(
		/* translators: %1$s: link to help article about solving table issue. %2$s: is anchor closing. */
		\esc_html__( 'Please read %1$sthis help article%2$s to find out how to resolve this problem.', 'wordpress-seo' ),
		'<a href="' . WPSEO_Shortlinker::get( 'https://yoa.st/3-6' ) . '">',
	$reassurance = \sprintf(
		/* translators: %s: Yoast SEO. */
		\esc_html__( 'Your site will continue to work normally, but won\'t take full advantage of %s.', 'wordpress-seo' ),
		'Yoast SEO'

	$debug_info = \sprintf(
		\esc_html__( 'Show debug information', 'wordpress-seo' ),
		\esc_html( $this->migration_error['message'] )

	return \sprintf(
		'<div class="notice notice-error"><p>%1$s</p><p>%2$s</p><p>%3$s</p>%4$s</div>',