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ResettableContainerInterface{} Yoast 1.0

ResettableContainerInterface defines additional resetting functionality for containers, allowing to release shared services when the container is not needed anymore.

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null. Ничего.


$ResettableContainerInterface = new ResettableContainerInterface();
// use class methods


  1. reset()

Код ResettableContainerInterface{} Yoast 17.1

interface ResettableContainerInterface extends \YoastSEO_Vendor\Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerInterface
     * Resets shared services from the container.
     * The container is not intended to be used again after being reset in a normal workflow. This method is
     * meant as a way to release references for ref-counting.
     * A subsequent call to ContainerInterface::get will recreate a new instance of the shared service.
    public function reset();