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Stream::__construct() public Yoast 1.0

This constructor accepts an associative array of options.

  • size: (int) If a read stream would otherwise have an indeterminate size, but the size is known due to foreknowledge, then you can provide that size, in bytes.
  • metadata: (array) Any additional metadata to return when the metadata of the stream is accessed.

{} Это метод класса: Stream{}

Хуков нет.


null. Ничего.


$Stream = new Stream();
$Stream->__construct( $stream, $options );
$stream(resource) (обязательный)
Stream resource to wrap.
Associative array of options.
По умолчанию: []

Код Stream::__construct() Yoast 17.1

public function __construct($stream, $options = [])
    if (!\is_resource($stream)) {
        throw new \InvalidArgumentException('Stream must be a resource');
    if (isset($options['size'])) {
        $this->size = $options['size'];
    $this->customMetadata = isset($options['metadata']) ? $options['metadata'] : [];
    $this->stream = $stream;
    $meta = \stream_get_meta_data($this->stream);
    $this->seekable = $meta['seekable'];
    $this->readable = isset(self::$readWriteHash['read'][$meta['mode']]);
    $this->writable = isset(self::$readWriteHash['write'][$meta['mode']]);
    $this->uri = $this->getMetadata('uri');