WPSEO_Admin_Init::permalink_settings_notice()publicYoast 1.0

Shows a notice on the permalink settings page.

Метод класса: WPSEO_Admin_Init{}

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null. Ничего (null).


$WPSEO_Admin_Init = new WPSEO_Admin_Init();

Код WPSEO_Admin_Init::permalink_settings_notice() Yoast 21.6

public function permalink_settings_notice() {
	global $pagenow;

	if ( $pagenow === 'options-permalink.php' ) {
			'<div class="notice notice-warning"><p><strong>%1$s</strong><br>%2$s<br><a href="%3$s" target="_blank">%4$s</a></p></div>',
			esc_html__( 'WARNING:', 'wordpress-seo' ),
				/* translators: %1$s and %2$s expand to <em> items to emphasize the word in the middle. */
				esc_html__( 'Changing your permalinks settings can seriously impact your search engine visibility. It should almost %1$s never %2$s be done on a live website.', 'wordpress-seo' ),
			esc_url( WPSEO_Shortlinker::get( 'https://yoa.st/why-permalinks/' ) ),
			// The link's content.
			esc_html__( 'Learn about why permalinks are important for SEO.', 'wordpress-seo' )