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WPSEO_Base_Menu::register_submenu_page() protected Yoast 1.0

Registers a submenu page.

This method will override the capability of the page to automatically use the general manage capability. Use the register_menu_page() method if the submenu page should actually use a different capability.

{} Это метод класса: WPSEO_Base_Menu{}

Хуков нет.




// protected - в коде основоного (родительского) или дочернего класса
$result = $this->register_submenu_page( $submenu_page );
$submenu_page(массив) (обязательный)

Submenu page definition.

  • 0(строка)
    Parent menu page slug.

  • 1(строка)
    Page title, currently unused.

  • 2(строка)
    Title to display in the menu.

  • 3(строка)
    Required capability to access the page.

  • 4(строка)
    Page slug.

  • 5(callable)
    Callback to run when the page is rendered.

  • 6(массив)
    Optional. List of callbacks to run when the page is loaded.

Код WPSEO_Base_Menu::register_submenu_page() Yoast 15.2

protected function register_submenu_page( $submenu_page ) {
	$page_title = $submenu_page[2];

	// We cannot use $submenu_page[1] because add-ons define that, so hard-code this value.
	if ( $submenu_page[4] === 'wpseo_licenses' ) {
		$page_title = $this->get_license_page_title();

	 * Handle the Google Search Console special case by passing a fake parent
	 * page slug. This way, the sub-page is stil registered and can be accessed
	 * directly. Its menu item won't be displayed.
	if ( $submenu_page[4] === 'wpseo_search_console' ) {
		// Set the parent page slug to a non-existing one.
		$submenu_page[0] = 'wpseo_fake_menu_parent_page_slug';

	$page_title .= ' - Yoast SEO';

	// Force the general manage capability to be used.
	$submenu_page[3] = $this->get_manage_capability();

	// Register submenu page.
	$hook_suffix = add_submenu_page(

	// If necessary, add hooks for the submenu page.
	if ( isset( $submenu_page[6] ) && ( is_array( $submenu_page[6] ) ) ) {
		$this->add_page_hooks( $hook_suffix, $submenu_page[6] );