WPSEO_HelpScout::__construct()publicYoast 1.0

WPSEO_HelpScout constructor.

{} Это метод класса: WPSEO_HelpScout{}

Хуков нет.


null. Ничего.


$WPSEO_HelpScout = new WPSEO_HelpScout();
$WPSEO_HelpScout->__construct( $beacon_id, $pages, $products, $ask_consent );
$beacon_id(строка) (обязательный)
The beacon id.
$pages(массив) (обязательный)
The pages where the beacon is loaded.
$products(массив) (обязательный)
The products the beacon is loaded for.
Whether to ask for consent before loading in HelpScout.
По умолчанию: false

Код WPSEO_HelpScout::__construct() Yoast 19.7.1

public function __construct( $beacon_id, array $pages, array $products, $ask_consent = false ) {
	$this->beacon_id   = $beacon_id;
	$this->pages       = $pages;
	$this->products    = $products;
	$this->ask_consent = $ask_consent;