WPSEO_Language_Utils::get_knowledge_graph_company_info_missing_l10n()public staticYoast 1.0

Returns the l10n array for the knowledge graph company info missing.

{} Это метод класса: WPSEO_Language_Utils{}

Хуков нет.


Массив. The l10n array.


$result = WPSEO_Language_Utils::get_knowledge_graph_company_info_missing_l10n();

Код WPSEO_Language_Utils::get_knowledge_graph_company_info_missing_l10n() Yoast 19.7.1

public static function get_knowledge_graph_company_info_missing_l10n() {
	return [
		'URL'     => esc_url( WPSEO_Shortlinker::get( 'https://yoa.st/3r3' ) ),
		/* translators: 1: expands to a link opening tag; 2: expands to a link closing tag */
		'message' => esc_html__(
			'A company name and logo need to be set for structured data to work properly. Since you haven’t set these yet, we are using the site name and logo as default values. %1$sLearn more about the importance of structured data.%2$s',