WPSEO_Plugin_Importer::set_missing_db_rights_status()protectedYoast 1.0

Sets the import status to false and returns a message about why it failed.

Метод класса: WPSEO_Plugin_Importer{}

Хуков нет.


null. Ничего (null).


// protected - в коде основоного (родительского) или дочернего класса
$result = $this->set_missing_db_rights_status();

Код WPSEO_Plugin_Importer::set_missing_db_rights_status() Yoast 22.8

protected function set_missing_db_rights_status() {
	$this->status->set_status( false );
	/* translators: %s is replaced with Yoast SEO. */
	$this->status->set_msg( sprintf( __( 'The %s importer functionality uses temporary database tables. It seems your WordPress install does not have the capability to do this, please consult your hosting provider.', 'wordpress-seo' ), 'Yoast SEO' ) );