WPSEO_Sitemaps_Cache_Validator::get_storage_key()public staticYoast 3.2

Get the cache key for a certain type and page.

A type of cache would be something like 'page', 'post' or 'video'.

Example key format for sitemap type "post", page 1: wpseo_sitemap_post_1:akfw3e_23azBa .

{} Это метод класса: WPSEO_Sitemaps_Cache_Validator{}

Хуков нет.


true|false|Строку. The key where the cache is stored on. False if the key could not be generated.


$result = WPSEO_Sitemaps_Cache_Validator::get_storage_key( $type, $page );
The type to get the key for. Null or self::SITEMAP_INDEX_TYPE for index cache.
По умолчанию: null
The page of cache to get the key for.
По умолчанию: 1

Список изменений

С версии 3.2 Введена.

Код WPSEO_Sitemaps_Cache_Validator::get_storage_key() Yoast 19.7.1

public static function get_storage_key( $type = null, $page = 1 ) {

	// Using SITEMAP_INDEX_TYPE for sitemap index cache.
	$type = is_null( $type ) ? WPSEO_Sitemaps::SITEMAP_INDEX_TYPE : $type;

	$global_cache_validator = self::get_validator();
	$type_cache_validator   = self::get_validator( $type );

	$prefix  = self::STORAGE_KEY_PREFIX;
	$postfix = sprintf( '_%d:%s_%s', $page, $global_cache_validator, $type_cache_validator );

	try {
		$type = self::truncate_type( $type, $prefix, $postfix );
	} catch ( OutOfBoundsException $exception ) {
		// Maybe do something with the exception, for now just mark as invalid.
		return false;

	// Build key.
	$full_key = $prefix . $type . $postfix;

	return $full_key;