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each_limit() Yoast 1.0

Like each, but only allows a certain number of outstanding promises at any given time.

$concurrency may be an integer or a function that accepts the number of pending promises and returns a numeric concurrency limit value to allow for dynamic a concurrency size.

Хуков нет.




each_limit( $iterable, $concurrency, $onFulfilled, $onRejected );
$iterable(смешанный) (обязательный)
$concurrency(число/callable) (обязательный)

По умолчанию: null

По умолчанию: null

Код each_limit() Yoast 15.7

function each_limit($iterable, $concurrency, callable $onFulfilled = null, callable $onRejected = null)
    return (new \YoastSEO_Vendor\GuzzleHttp\Promise\EachPromise($iterable, ['fulfilled' => $onFulfilled, 'rejected' => $onRejected, 'concurrency' => $concurrency]))->promise();