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acf_revisions::wp_restore_post_revision() public ACF 1.0

This action will copy and paste the metadata from a revision to the post

@type action

{} Это метод класса: acf_revisions{}

Хуков нет.


$revision_id. (int) the source post


$acf_revisions = new acf_revisions();
$acf_revisions->wp_restore_post_revision( $post_id, $revision_id );
$post_id (обязательный)
$revision_id (обязательный)

Код acf_revisions::wp_restore_post_revision() ACF 5.10.2

function wp_restore_post_revision( $post_id, $revision_id ) {

	// copy postmeta from revision to post (restore from revision)
	acf_copy_postmeta( $revision_id, $post_id );

	// Make sure the latest revision is also updated to match the new $post data
	// get latest revision
	$revision = acf_get_post_latest_revision( $post_id );

	// save
	if ( $revision ) {

		// copy postmeta from revision to latest revision (potentialy may be the same, but most likely are different)
		acf_copy_postmeta( $revision_id, $revision->ID );