WPCF7_Help_Tabs::content()privateCF7 1.0

Метод класса: WPCF7_Help_Tabs{}

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// private - только в коде основоного (родительского) класса
$result = $this->content( $name );
$name (обязательный)

Код WPCF7_Help_Tabs::content() CF7 5.7.7

private function content( $name ) {
	$content = array();

	$content['list_overview'] = '<p>' . __( "On this screen, you can manage contact forms provided by Contact Form 7. You can manage an unlimited number of contact forms. Each contact form has a unique ID and Contact Form 7 shortcode ([contact-form-7 ...]). To insert a contact form into a post or a text widget, insert the shortcode into the target.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';

	$content['list_available_actions'] = '<p>' . __( "Hovering over a row in the contact forms list will display action links that allow you to manage your contact form. You can perform the following actions:", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['list_available_actions'] .= '<p>' . __( "<strong>Edit</strong> - Navigates to the editing screen for that contact form. You can also reach that screen by clicking on the contact form title.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['list_available_actions'] .= '<p>' . __( "<strong>Duplicate</strong> - Clones that contact form. A cloned contact form inherits all content from the original, but has a different ID.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';

	$content['edit_overview'] = '<p>' . __( "On this screen, you can edit a contact form. A contact form is comprised of the following components:", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['edit_overview'] .= '<p>' . __( "<strong>Title</strong> is the title of a contact form. This title is only used for labeling a contact form, and can be edited.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['edit_overview'] .= '<p>' . __( "<strong>Form</strong> is a content of HTML form. You can use arbitrary HTML, which is allowed inside a form element. You can also use Contact Form 7&#8217;s form-tags here.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['edit_overview'] .= '<p>' . __( "<strong>Mail</strong> manages a mail template (headers and message body) that this contact form will send when users submit it. You can use Contact Form 7&#8217;s mail-tags here.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['edit_overview'] .= '<p>' . __( "<strong>Mail (2)</strong> is an additional mail template that works similar to Mail. Mail (2) is different in that it is sent only when Mail has been sent successfully.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['edit_overview'] .= '<p>' . __( "In <strong>Messages</strong>, you can edit various types of messages used for this contact form. These messages are relatively short messages, like a validation error message you see when you leave a required field blank.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['edit_overview'] .= '<p>' . __( "<strong>Additional Settings</strong> provides a place where you can customize the behavior of this contact form by adding code snippets.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';

	$content['edit_form_tags'] = '<p>' . __( "A form-tag is a short code enclosed in square brackets used in a form content. A form-tag generally represents an input field, and its components can be separated into four parts: type, name, options, and values. Contact Form 7 supports several types of form-tags including text fields, number fields, date fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, menus, file-uploading fields, CAPTCHAs, and quiz fields.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['edit_form_tags'] .= '<p>' . __( "While form-tags have a comparatively complex syntax, you do not need to know the syntax to add form-tags because you can use the straightforward tag generator (<strong>Generate Tag</strong> button on this screen).", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';

	$content['edit_mail_tags'] = '<p>' . __( "A mail-tag is also a short code enclosed in square brackets that you can use in every Mail and Mail (2) field. A mail-tag represents a user input value through an input field of a corresponding form-tag.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['edit_mail_tags'] .= '<p>' . __( "There are also special mail-tags that have specific names, but do not have corresponding form-tags. They are used to represent meta information of form submissions like the submitter&#8217;s IP address or the URL of the page.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';

	$content['integration_overview'] = '<p>' . __( "On this screen, you can manage services that are available through Contact Form 7. Using API will allow you to collaborate with any services that are available.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['integration_overview'] .= '<p>' . __( "You may need to first sign up for an account with the service that you plan to use. When you do so, you would need to authorize Contact Form 7 to access the service with your account.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';
	$content['integration_overview'] .= '<p>' . __( "Any information you provide will not be shared with service providers without your authorization.", 'contact-form-7' ) . '</p>';

	if ( ! empty( $content[$name] ) ) {
		return $content[$name];