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WPCF7_WelcomePanelColumn_Flamingo{} CF7 1.0

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null. Ничего.


$WPCF7_WelcomePanelColumn_Flamingo = new WPCF7_WelcomePanelColumn_Flamingo();
// use class methods


  1. content()
  2. icon()
  3. title()

Код WPCF7_WelcomePanelColumn_Flamingo{} CF7 5.5.1

class WPCF7_WelcomePanelColumn_Flamingo extends WPCF7_WelcomePanelColumn {

	protected function icon() {
		return 'editor-help';

	protected function title() {
		return esc_html(
			__( "Before you cry over spilt mail…", 'contact-form-7' )

	protected function content() {
		return array(
			esc_html( __( "Contact Form 7 doesn’t store submitted messages anywhere. Therefore, you may lose important messages forever if your mail server has issues or you make a mistake in mail configuration.", 'contact-form-7' ) ),
				/* translators: %s: link labeled 'Flamingo' */
				esc_html( __( 'Install a message storage plugin before this happens to you. %s saves all messages through contact forms into the database. Flamingo is a free WordPress plugin created by the same author as Contact Form 7.', 'contact-form-7' ) ),
					__( 'https://contactform7.com/save-submitted-messages-with-flamingo/', 'contact-form-7' ),
					__( 'Flamingo', 'contact-form-7' )