wpseo_opengraph_image_size хук-фильтрYoast 1.0

Filter: wpseo_opengraph_image_size Allow overriding the image size used for Open Graph sharing. If this filter is used, the defined size will always be used for the og:image. The image will still be rejected if it is too small.

Only use this filter if you manually want to determine the best image size for the og:image tag.

Use the wpseo_image_sizes if you want to use our logic. That filter can be used to add an image size that needs to be taken into consideration within our own logic.


add_filter( 'wpseo_opengraph_image_size', 'wp_kama_wpseo_opengraph_image_size_filter' );

 * Function for `wpseo_opengraph_image_size` filter-hook.
 * @param string|false $size Size string.
 * @return string|false
function wp_kama_wpseo_opengraph_image_size_filter( $size ){

	// filter...
	return $size;
Size string.

Где вызывается хук

yoast/src/helpers/open-graph/image-helper.php 85
return \apply_filters( 'wpseo_opengraph_image_size', null );

Где используется хук в Yoast SEO

Использование не найдено.