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Partnership request

Hello Team,

I am Hristo Genov from WebHostFace Hosting Company - one of the fastest growing WordPress Hosting providers. We host more than 10 000 WordPress websites located on different server locations in USA, EU and Singapore and I would love to help you promote your WordPress Plugins even further. I myself have already used your Democracy Poll plugin and I am completely confident in the benefits your service offers to the regular WordPress end user. It is true beyond any doubt that your service can help our customers make their websites more secure easily.

We are very selective of our partners as we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers in terms of friendly and efficient WordPress support.

For example we handle advanced WordPress requests completely free of charge daily, as our mission is to have our customers as happy as possible with what they purchased and the overall goal is to make their sites work fast, be secure and be visible on top google rankings in order to attract new customers. Hosting a website has evolved dramatically and customers are more and more demanding of service that can give them visible results in terms of the above mentioned criteria.

That is why, I am confident that our partnership can be a 3-way success - for the WordPress users and community, for you and the last but not least - for us.

The benefits for our partners are:

  • Listing on our partners page.

We have a partners page that will be divided into sections. We are launching a special WordPress Managed hosting package that will have a personal account manager for every WordPress website and we will offer custom maintenance, troubleshooting and development work free or charge for our customers. Our plan is to offer plugins that DO work, are beneficial and can help our customers optimize their WordPress websites easily.


  • Listing on the Managed WordPress hosting page - in the Partners Plugins page

When the Managed WordPress hosting package is launched it will have several pages dedicated to the services and the support we offer for our Managed WordPress hosting users. There will be a special section for all the plugins we support and have partnerships with. Your plugin will be included there with a short description and a do follow link to your website.

  • Listing in the User Area for our Managed WordPress hosting clients

A special section for all WordPress plugins we support and have partnerships with will be visible inside the User Area for all existing WordPress users. In this section we will have top rated plugins, hot deals and many more. If you do regular updates, we can include them in the details as well, so people can see your plugins gets the needed attention and updates.

  • Social media exposure: Blog, Newsletter, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

We will announce our partnership in our Blog and in our monthly newsletters to all our customers. The press release will include benefits of your plugin, the benefits for the customer`s website and a price reduction coupon if we agree to have one. The mailing list is growing daily as up to date it consists of more than 10 000 subscribers.


  • Revenue shared opportunities

In our Managed WordPress hosting package we will have an affiliate program that can pay up to 50% of the price the customer paid us. This can make up to $110 per sign up for one year of managed WordPress hosting account (12 months) that can be easily converted by you. You have existing customers who use your plugin and regularly receive updates both in the WordPress dashboard and in e-mails.

What we are interested in getting from a partnership with you?

  • Listing on your partners page with a short description of our company, Managed WordPress hosting and a do follow link to our website. In there is no such page on your website, we will kindly ask you to create one and to include us.

  • Coupon code that grants our customers a discount of your service in order to be included in the above mentioned pages on our website.

  • Affiliate code that grants part of the purchase price if our customer buys your plugin using our affiliate link.

  • Social media exposure - Blog, Newsletter, Facebook, Google+ and Tweeter if you have those social media channels.

and the last but not least:

  • Link in the back end of your plugin in the WordPress dashboard. We are highly interested in having a Suggested Hosting section in the backend of the plugin. We are interested in having a short description of our company and services including a link to us. This link will be your affiliate link and you can easily convert the above mentioned numbers like - up to 50% of the price the customer paid us. This can make up to $110 per sign up for one year of managed WordPress hosting account (12 months)

We can do many more as we know the needs of our customers and they entrust us with their websites. On our end we offer top customer service and we constantly add new features and benefits to our Managed WordPress hosting services - dedicated WordPress account manager and out of the box advanced support work.

I do see your passion to create a service with no compromise, attention to the smallest detail and that is why it will be a beneficial to work together.

We are interested in getting a special offer that can be applicable to our customers if they wish to purchase your services.

If you're interested, can we schedule a quick call (10 minutes) for this week or we can continue the conversation over e-mail?

Best Regards,

Hristo Genov
866 389 6676
Marketing Manager
Service always comes with a smiling face

7.4 года назад
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    kolshix779 paxtoy.com

    очередной хостинг провайдер, причем не дешевый, если хорошенько помониторить - можно найти в 2 раза дешевле, а то может быть и в 3 раза на дешевых тарифах - на высоких тарифах конечно заметны плюсы прироста - но думаю тоже есть по дешевле - сам пользуюсь тарифами не дороже 5-7 долларов

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