WPCF7_ConfigValidator::get_default_message()publicCF7 1.0

Returns a default message that is used when the message for the error is not specified.

Метод класса: WPCF7_ConfigValidator{}

Хуков нет.


null. Ничего.


$WPCF7_ConfigValidator = new WPCF7_ConfigValidator();
$WPCF7_ConfigValidator->get_default_message( $code );
$code (обязательный)

Код WPCF7_ConfigValidator::get_default_message() CF7

public function get_default_message( $code ) {
	switch ( $code ) {
		case self::error_maybe_empty:
			return __( "There is a possible empty field.", 'contact-form-7' );
		case self::error_invalid_mailbox_syntax:
			return __( "Invalid mailbox syntax is used.", 'contact-form-7' );
		case self::error_email_not_in_site_domain:
			return __( "Sender email address does not belong to the site domain.", 'contact-form-7' );
		case self::error_html_in_message:
			return __( "HTML tags are used in a message.", 'contact-form-7' );
		case self::error_multiple_controls_in_label:
			return __( "Multiple form controls are in a single label element.", 'contact-form-7' );
		case self::error_invalid_mail_header:
			return __( "There are invalid mail header fields.", 'contact-form-7' );
		case self::error_deprecated_settings:
			return __( "Deprecated settings are used.", 'contact-form-7' );
			return '';