wp find

Находит установку WordPress в файловой системе.

Recursively iterates subdirectories of provided <path> to find and report WordPress installations. A WordPress installation is a wp-includes directory with a version.php file.

Avoids recursing some known paths (e.g. /node_modules/, hidden sys dirs) to significantly improve performance.

Indicates depth at which the WordPress installations was found, and its alias, if it has one.

$ wp find ./
| version_path                         | version             | depth | alias  |
| /Users/wpcli/wp-includes/version.php | 4.8-alpha-39357-src | 2     | @wpcli |

Установка пакета

wp package install wp-cli/find-command

Доступные поля

These fields will be displayed by default for each installation:

  • version_path - Path to the version.php file.
  • version - WordPress version.
  • depth - Directory depth at which the installation was found.
  • alias - WP-CLI alias, if one is registered.

These fields are optionally available:

  • wp_path - Path that can be passed to --path=<path> global parameter.
  • db_host - Host name for the database.
  • db_user - User name for the database.
  • db_name - Database name for the database.


wp find {path} [--skip-ignored-paths] [--include_ignored_paths={paths}] [--max_depth={max-depth}] [--fields={fields}] [--field={field}] [--format={format}] [--verbose]

Можно указать Глобальные параметры и следующие:

Path to search the subdirectories of.
Skip the paths that are ignored by default.
Include additional ignored paths as CSV (e.g. '/sys-backup/,/temp/').
Only recurse to a specified depth, inclusive.
Limit the output to specific row fields.
Output a specific field for each row.

Render output in a specific format.
По умолчанию: table
Может быть:

  • table
  • json
  • csv
  • yaml
  • count
Log useful information to STDOUT.

Исходный код команды